New GPD WIN Max 2 10.1 Inch Windows 11 4G Gaming Laptop Notebook Portable Game Computer AMD Ryzen 7 6800U 32GB RAM 1TB 2TB SSD

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One piece in stock: AMD-Ryzen 7 6800U/32GB 2TB 4G LTE 易于扩展的内置端口的明智选择 合理的端口选择,即使在玩游戏时也适用于大多数情况,包括快速 Thunderbolt 4(AMD 的 USB4)支持 eGPU 和 100W PD 充电、HDMI 2.1、3 个 USB 3.2 Gen 1、全功能 USB Type-C、SD、用于存储扩展的 microSD 插槽。 10.1 英寸显示屏,超窄边框,护眼和原生风景模式 对于喜欢在大屏幕上玩掌上游戏的人来说,这是个好消息!WIN Max 2采用超窄边框10.1英寸IPS护眼屏,90%屏占比,第五代康宁大猩猩玻璃。其原生横屏模式让您无需担心与旧游戏的宽高比兼容性问题。默认分辨率为1920×1200,最大分辨率为2560×1600,299PPI,相关宽高比为16:10。 支持 10 点触控,具有高达 4096 级压力灵敏度的主动笔,独特的金属网格技术 支持10点触控,最高4096级压感的主动式手写笔(MPP2.0,包括Surface Pen)。我们第一款引入 Metal Mesh 技术的设备,有助于提高显示清晰度,防止使用有源笔时出现漂移和重影。 6061 铝镁合金全金属苹果式一体成型机身设计,略带航空级 ABS 全金属苹果式铁黑一体成型机身设计,采用6061铝镁合金打造,36道精密CNC工艺。底壳采用航空级ABS合成树脂,保持凉爽舒适的双手握持体验!…

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One piece in stock: AMD-Ryzen 7 6800U/32GB 2TB 4G LTE


合理的端口选择,即使在玩游戏时也适用于大多数情况,包括快速 Thunderbolt

4(AMD 的 USB4)支持 eGPU 和 100W PD 充电、HDMI 2.1、3 个 USB 3.2 Gen 1、全功能 USB Type-C、SD、用于存储扩展的 microSD 插槽。

10.1 英寸显示屏,超窄边框,护眼和原生风景模式

对于喜欢在大屏幕上玩掌上游戏的人来说,这是个好消息!WIN Max 2采用超窄边框10.1英寸IPS护眼屏,90%屏占比,第五代康宁大猩猩玻璃。其原生横屏模式让您无需担心与旧游戏的宽高比兼容性问题。默认分辨率为1920×1200,最大分辨率为2560×1600,299PPI,相关宽高比为16:10。

支持 10 点触控,具有高达 4096 级压力灵敏度的主动笔,独特的金属网格技术

支持10点触控,最高4096级压感的主动式手写笔(MPP2.0,包括Surface Pen)。我们第一款引入 Metal Mesh 技术的设备,有助于提高显示清晰度,防止使用有源笔时出现漂移和重影。

6061 铝镁合金全金属苹果式一体成型机身设计,略带航空级 ABS


新一代 AMD Ryzen 7 6800U(可选)处理器搭配 AMD Radeon 680M RDNA2 显卡

WIN Max 2 AMD版本搭载最新的AMD Ryzen 7 6800U处理器,6nm工艺,16MB三级缓存,8核16线程,最高睿频4.7GHz。

该处理器配备 AMD RDNA2 Radeon 680M 显卡,具有 12CU、768 个着色器处理器和高速 Infinity Cache。与RDNA1相比,RDNA2在相同功率下提升频率提升30%,每瓦性能提升高达54%。

RDNA2 的浮点性能比上一代提高一倍

Thanks to dual-channel LPDDR5-6400 MT/s memory with a bandwidth of up to 12.8GB/s, the memory bandwidth of RDNA 2 is improved as well, and its performance is nearly 3 times higher than the ones of the Radeon Vega 8! Compared to Intel Iris Xe Graphics, RDNA2 boasts far better theoretical performance in half-precision (FP16), in single-precision (FP32) floating-point tests, 100% faster pixel and texture calculation, and support for DirectX 12 Ultimate.

The Powerful AMD Radeon 680M's Graphic Capacity Allows A Great Amount Of Games To Run Around 45~60FPS With 1920×1200 Resolution

Thanks to the significantly improved performance, the AMD Radeon 680M's graphic capacity can allows a great amount of AAA titles from the past two years run around 45~60fps with 1920×1200 resolution.

此外,RDNA2还支持AMD最新的FSR 2.0和RSR 2.0,一般可以在不增加多少功耗的情况下,将游戏运行帧率提升50%(部分游戏甚至可以达到100%)。

英特尔第 12 代酷睿 i7-1260P 处理器(可选)带英特尔 Iris Xe 显卡

英特尔版WIN Max 2搭载最新第12代酷睿i7-1260P处理器,10nm制程,18MB三级缓存,4个性能核心(8线程)和8个高效核心(共16线程),最高睿频4.7千兆赫。Intel Iris Xe Graphics 拥有 96EU、768 个着色器处理器。

在 Geekbench 5 测试中,单核和多核成绩均优于酷睿 i7-11700K

According to the Geekbench 5 test results, Intel 12th-gen Core i7-1260P's performance are doubled compared to Intel 11th-gen mobile processor Core 1195G7's ones, its single-core and multi-core performances surpasse those of Intel 11th-gen desktop CPU-Core i7-11700K, which might be due to other components

With XeSS Oversampling Technology, Intel Iris Xe Graphics Boasts 153% Game Frame Rate In Super Performance Mode

Thanks to dual-channel LPDDR5-5200 MT/s memory with a bandwidth of up to 10.4GB/s, the memory bandwidth of Iris Xe Graphics 2 is improved as well; which together with XeSS oversampling technology; allows the Intel Iris Xe Graphics to have 153% 4K gaming performance when running in the super performance mode (source: Intel's official report)

Highly Efficient Intelligent Cooling Solution With A Large Turbo Fan And Dual Heat Pipe Design

WIN Max 2 comes with an improved PC-grade cooling system with a large turbo fan + dual heat pipes, which boasts high volume side air blow and highly intelligent speed control. When the internal temperature is lower than 40°C, the fan speed will not exceed 20% of its maximum capacity. When the internal temperature reaches higher than 40°C, the fan speed goes up in 2% PWM increments until reaching its maximum threshold (100%).

Hall Sensor Sticks (First Time In Our Devices), Stepless, Great Linearity, No Dead Zone Neither Stick Drift

The traditional potentiometer stick that relies on the resistance brush to generate the voltage signal is prone to “drift” issues caused by wear and tear in long-term use. With WIN Max 2, we’ve introduced for the first time Hall Sensor sticks with built-in inductance coils. The working principle of magnetic induction (different magnetic fluxes are generated when the stick rotates to different positions, which in turn generates different voltage signals) determines that Hall Sensor sticks have no wear and tear, and therefore won't have the issue of stick drift! The sticks also adopt a stepless design for achieving 360° super-linear signal output without any dead zone.

2 Mappable Back Buttons For Flexible Customization For Gaming Control Or Software Shorcuts

To enable quick response in games, WIN Max 2 has 2 mappable buttons like on WIN 3's back, which can be set to any in-game control actions with the WinControls tool, allowing for quick actions without using the keyboard and enhancing the gaming experience!

Analog Triggers That Simulate “Gun Triggers” Or “Throttle Pedals”

Analog triggers supporting 256 levels of feedback, allowing a more “immersive” gaming experience, including progressive acceleration in racing games and trigger-pulling sensation in shooters.

Dual Vibration Motor With Software Control (Off, Weak, Strong)

The built-in dual vibration motors can give you more “realistic” feedbacks when you are performing in-game actions such as shooting guns and starting vehicles! The vibration intensity can be adjusted through a software solution (there are three levels, named “off”, “weak” and “strong”)

6-axis Gyroscope And Dedicated Setting Software For Perfect Gaming Control With Motion Sensing

With a built-in 6-axis gyroscope, WIN Max 2 supports control with motion sensing and could be used for various games such as racing titles, which helps enhance the fun and depth of the gaming experience. The dedicated gyroscope setting software supports free adjustment of various functional parameters for more flexible viewpoint control!

Built-in Magnetic Controller Cover To Switch Instantaneously Between A Gaming Handheld And A Business Laptop Modes At Any Moment

The game controller built into the handheld gaming PC can make it unsuitable for the workplace! To solve this problem, we added two stick covers for WIN Max 2. The magnetic design ensures that the two covers won't fall off when using the device. When playing games, you can also stow the covers in the rear compartment, which helps prevent accidental loss!

The Front Side Is The Cover, The Back Side Is The Storage Compartment. Actual Effect Demonstration

The effect image of the front cover and the back storage, when it covers, it is a 10.1 inch notebook. when gaming, you can insert the cover into the storage compartment on the back!

eGPU support (AMD via USB 4, Intel via TB4)

AMD users, behold! The AMD version of WIN Max 2 has a USB4 port supporting up to 40Gbps transfer rate. The USB4 interface natively supports the Thunderbolt 3 protocol, so now you can play games with the AMD version of WIN Max 2 connected to a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU!

The Intel version of WIN Max 2 has a built-in Thunderbolt 4 port which can be used to connect to a more efficient Thunderbolt 4 eGPU!

Comes With One Large Capacity M.2 2280 SSD And One M.2 2230 Slot For Easy Capacity Expansion

For the unlimited expansion of storage space, in addition to an M.2 2280 slot already occupied by the machine's own nvme ssd, there is also an M.2 2230 slot on the back of the Max 2's motherboard. Both slots are based on the PCIe 4.0 × 4 bus, with a theoretical throughput of up to 7.877GB/s. Due to restraints in terms of body thickness, both M.2 slots only support single-sided SSDs. The machine comes with a PCIe 3.0 SSD. If you want faster read and write speeds, you can replace it with a PCIe 4.0 SSD.

Note: Max 2 Only Supports Single-sided SSDs

WIN Max 2 supports 2230 and 2280 SSDs, but the SSD itself must be single-sided rather than double-sided!

Optional 4G LTE Module With Full Operator Support For Gaming Anytime, Anywhere

After the launch of the first-generation GPD WIN handheld, some users suggested we should add a 4G LTE module to the follow-up products, so that they can play online games anytime, anywhere. However, due to various constraints (internal space, heat generation, cost, etc.), we had been unable to add this feature in the past. This time, we finally did it, adding a 4G LTE module that supports 4G TD-LTE, FDD-LTE and 3G CDMA in WIN Max 2, which is comparable in performance to mainstream laptops and can be used in more complex scenarios.

Considering that some users may not need 4G capabilities, we have adopted a detachable module design, allowing anyone who needs a 4G connection to put the module into the slot on the back of the machine. The operation is very easy, just remove the cover and slot in the module and you are done!

High-speed SD And MicroSD Slots Added For Photographers/Players

GPD users include photography enthusiasts who need to transfer a large number of photos to their notebooks. For them, one disadvantage of the small, portable GPD handheld compared to larger notebooks is the lack of a built-in SD card slot. And we've finally made up for this shortcoming with WIN Max 2!

The SD slot of WIN Max 2 is connected to the UHS-II bus. Based on the SD 4.0 bus protocol, it supports the transmission of up to V90 video files at a read and write speed of up to 312MB/s and inserting an up to 2TB SDHC/SDXC/SDUC card.

WIN Max 2 is also equipped with a microSD card slot that is connected to the UHS-I bus, supports the transfer of A2, U3, V30 files at a read and write speed of 160MB/s, to a microSDHC / microSDXC / microSDUC card.

Backlit Keyboard With 2-level Brightness Adjustment And Precision Touchpad With Gesture Customization Support, All For Higher Input Comfort

To improve the typing experience, we've added a backlit keyboard that has 2 brightness levels to Max 2, allowing you to always see legends comfortably regardless of the ambient brightness. In addition, to address concerns about touch accuracy and improve touch input comfort, we've also added the Precision Touchpad driver for Max 2, which supports touch gesture customization with the Touchpad configuration tool that comes with Windows.

4 Indicators For Fast Checking Of Current Working Status

The machine is equipped with 4 working status indicators (caps lock, fan on/off, running status, charging status), allowing you to quickly understand the current running status after performing related operations.

First Of Our Device To Introduce Side Mounted Power Button With A Fingerprint Sensor

The power button of a traditional laptop would mostly be on its C side. So, when using the laptop with an external monitor, it will be locked every time you close the laptop and leave, to use it again you must open the top cover and enter the password, which can be very troublesome. To solve this problem, WIN Max 2 is equipped with a side mounted power button with a fingerprint sensor, which allows for a very convenient one-click power on + unlock (regardless of whether the machine is closed or not)!

Built-in 4-channel Intelligent Amplifier And 4 Super Linear Surround Sound Speakers

Thanks to its 2 AAC Super Linear Speakers with Double Amplitude Boost, WIN 3's sound performance is very well received by users! This time, WIN Max 2 is further upgraded with 4 super-linear speakers to achieve surround sound. And it also uses a high PSRR intelligent 4-channel amplifier with higher energy efficiency and lower noise. Whether watching videos or playing games, Max 2 can always bring you immersive and cinematic 3D surround sound!

Built-in 2 Million Pixel Camera With Ultra-wide Viewing Angle And High Refresh Rate

WIN Max 2 has a built-in 2-megapixel camera with a maximum resolution of 1612×1212. It boasts an ultra-wide viewing angle and a high refresh rate for a better live video conferencing experience.

67Wh High Capacity Battery, Supporting Up To 5 Hours Of Continuous Gaming

With a higher capacity (67Wh) than all thin and light laptops on the market, Max 2 brings you the ultimate experience in terms of battery life. With only one full charge, the battery supports up to 14 hours of office work, 6~8 hours of local 1080P video playback, and 5 hours of gaming.

100W PD Super Charger , From 0 to 50% In About 20 Minutes

The included PD 3.0 100W super charger can charge the machine from 0 to 50% in about 20 minutes. A 5-minute charge can support up to 2 hours of work. Also, the charger supports all fast-charging protocols for phones and tablets, so it can be the only charger you carry when going out!

Item Specifics
Touchpad,Backlit Keyboard
Touch Screen:
Expandable storage:
Memory Type:
Thermal Design Power:
Graphics Brand:
Graphic Type:
Max Turbo Frequency:
4.70 GHz
Base Frequency (GHz)4:
Number of Cores:
Battery lifetime:
up to 4 - 6 hour
Keyboard language:
CPU Brand/Model:
AMD Ryzen 7 6800U​
Weight (Battery Included):
Screen Refresh Rate:
Video Memory Capacity:
Dimensions (WxHxD):
Operating System:
Windows 11
bluetooth,Camera,Backlit Keyboard,Fingerprint Recognition,Touchscreen,4G,Stylus support
Hard Drive Capacity:
Thunderbolt 4,2×USB 3.1 Gen1 ,1×USB 3.1 Gen1 ,Card Reader,HDMI-Compatible
Display Ratio:
Optical Drive Type:
Display Size:
Hard Drive Type:
Graphics Card Model:
AMD Radeon 680M
Gaming Laptop
Brand Name:
Mainland China
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